Eh440 - Grammy Award watching vocal band from Toronto, Canada (Janet Turner, Jake Stern, Joe Oliva, Luke Stapleton, Stacey Kay)


17 Feb 2016 - We're literally all in the studio right now putting the finishing touches on our CD!!!

We're done recording our parts and now our producer Hill Kourkoutis is working her magic: nipping here and tucking there while we listen and give our feedback. So what's on the album you ask?! Some of you may have heard us perform Body Count at our live show and YES, that will be on the CD! We also wrote a bunch of other songs and decided to throw in a cover or 2! And if you haven't heard our last album, where've you been all our lives?! ;) You can click herefor a listen to 4 of the tracks, and you can also order a signed copy at no extra cost!

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Hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows!

Stay tuned,
Janet, Jake, Stacey, Luke, Joe


How do you pronounce the name of the band?

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The Question We Get Asked The 2nd Most...

What does Eh440 mean?

A440 is a technical musical term.

When something vibrates 440 times per second it gives us the note "A". And because we're Canadian and Canadians say "eh?" a lot, we Canadianized it!

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