No. Nobody is reading this. Why? Because we’re not actually born yet. We’re still in the muse's womb, so to speak. So you’re reading this many months after we actually post it but we think it’s cool that you went and read back this far. Thanks for that. :)

So here’s the deal. A few singers in Toronto decided to form an acappella group. Some of us had sung together before in various ways and some not. All we knew was we loved music and singing and thought we should have some fun together.

We could have all just hopped in a car and gone to the beach, but no, we had to do it the hard way.

Our band name is Eh440. Eh is pronounced the Canadian way and then the number 4 and then the number 40. It’s a play on a technical musical term (A440) and on the fact that we’re Canadian and Canadians say “eh?” sometimes. Ok, maybe we say it a lot and we’re tired of trying to stop saying it when Americans are around to point it out.  So we’re embracing it every time we say our band name!

We’ve had only one rehearsal so far. Thursday is our second rehearsal. Then we’ll have another and another. Then we’ll record something and plan a live show. You should come out and have fun with us – it’s kinda like going to the beach but without the sand in your bum and sunburn everywhere else.

That’s it for now. More retroactive reading in February...