Well, a lot has changed in the last month even though we're not even born yet and our website isn't even 'live' yet. We've had quite a few rehearsals and even booked our first gig.

Our first gig, and therefore our birthday, is going to be in a few days - on Valentine’s Day 2012. The location? The Air Canada Centre here in Toronto! Wuz at?! Yup yup!

But no band starts with a sold-out 20,000 seat venue, you say? Except for us. Well, sorta...

The truth of the matter is that the peeps won't really be there to see us. They’ll be attending the Toronto Raptors vs. New York Knicks NBA game and we'll be performing the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada prior to tip-off, but it's still a gig.

So, arranging and learning Eh440-style versions of the national anthems did take away from our regular rehearsal time but we think they're sounding pretty slick now.

We wanted to record them just to help us remember our parts so we recorded at Luke's home recording studio which is called "Stapleton". Not "Stapleton Studios" or anything like that...just "Stapleton".

Luke went to Harris Institute for this sort of thing and Janet did a similar programme - Music Industry Arts - at Fanshawe College. Janet claims that it was a few years ago and she's not used to Luke's software but once she remembered that the Play button is the spacebar it all pretty much came back to her.

So now back to our regular rehearsals. Mike is recording a solo album this month so he'll be pretty busy. We'll pull him away from the studio whenever he can sneak out and get more rehearsal time in.

So, Happy Groundhog Day this month. So, Happy Groundhog Day this month. And of course, Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. And for those who dislike Valentine's Day you can just say "Happy Eh440 Birthday" on Feb 14th from now on. ;)