We’re just a few days away from launching our website.

It’s an exciting thing. Although we had our first gig in February, this will mark the birth of our online presence. And anyone who’s under 97 years old knows that an online presence is necessary for any band these days.

So we’ve been busy getting pics and music together amidst a crazy rehearsal schedule.

We met with some cool photographers – Stephen Cullen (Raptors game shots) and Andrea Bouchard (outdoor shots). We thank them and give them both a lot of credit for pointing and clicking at just the right time.

We also hit the studio to record some songs for our website.

Thanks to Greg Arnold for pointing and clicking at just the right time too (but with a computer mouse, not with a camera). And thanks to Brian Pickett for providing his advice with the in-progress mix and the good people at Voodoo Highway Music & Post for helping with the delicate final touches involved in the studio and for letting us invade their space for longer than we said we would. By the way Greg and Brian, those pizza stains will come right off of the wall by sprinkling baking soda on a damp cloth and then rubbing gently. We’re pretty sure that might work.

We decided to record a Beatles tune, Blackbird, to get things going and a Jessie J song, Price Tag. We liked the lyrical meaning, melody, and flow of each of these tunes despite them being from very different eras.

Blackbird is a song that Paul McCartney wrote as a response to escalating racial tensions in the U.S. There still seems to be a lot of tension in the world, racial or otherwise, so the song is as important now as it ever was. Janet loves this song and has been singing it since her college days.

Price Tag is a song with a cool groove and an interesting message. Stacey wanted to change the rap part of the song, and so we did. We’re our own bosses so we can do that sort of thing.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the website and the music (there are snippets of Price Tag and Blackbird on the site but the entire tracks will be available mid-month). You can download the tunes and bring us with you on your daily adventures.

Now it’s time to amp up the gigs. We’re working on it, and hope to see you soon.