We've been hard at work over the last month, rehearsing new songs in anticipation of some upcoming live shows.

As you can imagine, when there are 5 musicians in a room, there are 5 different strong-willed opinions on song choices and the vibe and direction of a song. So we've had our fair share of "friendly musical debates" but it’s the "friendly non-musical debates" that are much more entertaining and usually result in side-splitting laughter.

Here are some of the non-musical things we’ve discussed in great detail with many mini-debates contained therein;
1. the preferred oil to fry plantains in (Mike trumped everyone's ideas with two words - coconut oil - the room just fell silent after he said that)
2. the best way to walk barefoot on red hot coals
3. the health benefits of garlic pills versus real garlic cloves
4. if Stacey should leave her Christmas tree up all year long (it’s still up, and yes, it’s May)
5. whether you should only brush the dirt from a mushroom or actually wash it prior to eating
6. the real sun versus tanning beds
Anyway, through all of the discussions, we are getting a lot of work done and are motoring along quite well. We’re actually pretty excited to share our new songs with you!

For a little sneak peek of a tune we've been working on this past week, featuring a customized rap by Stacey – which she wrote in literally 5 minutes using the content of a Twitter profile – check out this personalized video we made on an iPhone for our 440th Twitter Follower, Carlie Bradley from Illinois: http://youtu.be/J8DOpiDCQOw

Stay tuned!