We’re really pumped about the Burlington Sound of Music Festival this Saturday.

What could be better than a festival for music?! A ribfest you say? Well, ok that may be true, but after ribfests, there’s nothing better than a music festival. ;) (we kid, we kid...we don’t need yet another angry phone call from Pamela Anderson)

Because Eh440 just formed earlier this year, we’ve only done a couple of gigs so far. For us, that’s hard to believe because we’ve spent so much time together in rehearsal and in the recording studio. It feels like we’ve been together forever.

But now our live schedule is starting to fill up a bit more (the website will be updated in a few weeks) and that’s really exciting for us. Don’t get us wrong - we love connecting with people online too, we’ve made some great friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram already - but there is something special about being close and connecting with a live audience. That is the truest musical experience - face to face.

So, if you’re near Burlington, Ontario area this Saturday, check out our schedule here and please drop by and say hi. For future gigs and audio/video releases please sign up for our email list on the left side of Eh440.com because Twitter and Facebook are grand but tweets and status updates can be missed!

Stay cool.