You may have been wondering where all of our blog posts have gone. We haven’t been doin' 'em because we’ve been busy. That's why we’ve been a little quiet. And yes, that's a lame excuse.

As you may know, we only started this band of misfits in 2012, but we're a bunch of people who've been making music for years individually. So we know what needs to be done, it just takes time to get everything lined up.

Now everything is lined up!

That means you can expect More from Eh440 in 2013 including:
1. more tweets like this one: "It just occurred to me that U.S. Presidents have always worked from a home office. #easygig ;)"
2. more videos like this one: (except with us in it)
3. more music – a CD or EP
4. more shows – hopefully in your general area of the blue marble
5. more pictures on Instagram and Facebook like this one:

So, keep in touch (we answer every email personally at ) & stay tuned.