This past weekend was the 2nd Annual Sing! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival.

Last year was the inaugural year (for Eh440 and the festival) and we didn't participate because we were still getting our ducks in a row. But this year, with ducks fully aligned we performed on Saturday night at a show honouring Frank Busseri of the Four Lads.

We had a lot of fun and shared the stage with so many great acts ~ Retro Ramblers, cast members from the musical Forever Plaid, Countermeasure, Denzal Sinclaire, Freeplay Duo, & The Watch. And of course, the guest of honour joined us on stage for the big finale number!

The night before, Luke & Jo3 checked out Snowday from Washington, DC and The Real Group from Sweden. As different as they are, there were some commonalities: both acts sang really well and were very funny (with their American and Swedish accents, respectively, in tow).

Thanks to those who came to see the show, and to Aaron Jensen, JM Eriendson, Pat Silver, and the rest of the SING! team for bringing us to the festival! Hope to do it all again next year!