The ladies of Eh440 had their socks rocked off at the Sara Bareilles concert in Toronto this week. Aside from being a phenomenal vocalist and songwriter, Sara showed off her incredible warmth, wit, and humour the entire night.

A true entertainer and just a 'real' artist, she kept the audience captivated from the moment she stepped foot onstage to the moment she sang her last note.

For those who are unfamiliar, Sara is a multi-Grammy nominee and was one of the judges on the 3rd season of the NBC TV show, The Sing-Off (a reality show where acappella groups compete to win prize money and a Sony Music contract).

The Sing-Off recently announced that they were accepting auditions for their 4th Season.

Despite there never having been a non-American act on the show, and the fact that Sara isn't going to be a judge this year, we're submitting an audition tape anyway!

Maybe we can be the first Canadian acappella group to appear on the show! Maybe Sara will read this blog and put in a good word for us with her ol' pals at NBC? Hello...Sara? Are you there? :)

Ok, we gotta run and find Janet & Stacey their socks.

Keep in touch.