SoJam in Raleigh, NC: it’s not a mythical acappella festival but it’s for real. We know – we’ve been inside the belly of the beast and lived to tell our tale.

SoJam is one of the largest acappella festivals in the world. As a group that just formed in 2012, we confess that we were a little shocked when we were asked to perform at SoJam in 2013.

We recall our manager emailing us and saying SoJam had contacted him. We replied, “Are you sure? They must be confusing us with another group – one year old acts that haven’t even released their debut CD don’t just get to headline SoJam”. But it was true. We were shocked and honoured at the same time.

The festival in short, was incredible. If you’re an acappella fan you must experience this festival at least once in your lifetime!

We hate thanking people because we will surely leave someone off in error, but as Canadians we still feel compelled to thank people incessantly.

So, no joke...if we left your name off this list and you know you should be on us at with the Subject line: You forgot me, knucklehead!. We’ll add it and pretend we never missed it in the first place. Ah, the beauty of online publications – edit as you go!

Dave Sroka: Executive Producer of SoJam: a kind soul that you feel like you’ve known for 5 years within 5 minutes of meeting him, he put his heart into this festival and we can't thank him enough

Kristin Sroka: Welcomed us into her home, no questions asked or criminal backgrounds checked. ;)

Lindsey McGowan: Drove us around in a big van and kept us on time. She was once on Jeopardy so we would make her always answer us in the form of a question. :) She also was a Riff-Off Team Captain as shown in this video!

From Liquid 5th Productions: Carl Taylor, Eric Scholz, Josh Chopak, Chris Juengel

SoJam/CASA Types: Amanda Cornaglia (who first suggested we play SoJam), Blair Baldwin (always delivers), Lauren Thomason (she brought us Bo-Berry Biscuits vine here ), TeKay, Michael Eldredge, Tom Keyes, Brian Watts, Troy Dolendo, Virginia DeMoss, Yassee Mohebbi, Kate Pientka, Nic Parson, Tom Anderson, & Scott Cobban

New Friends (& Some Old Online Friends): Bill Hare, Mike Why, Melissa Taylor, Charlie Friday, Chris Tess, Deborah Rosanwo, Florian Stadler, Marc Silverberg, Michael Marcus, Tone Siwela, Tara Marie Ahn, Heather Newkirk, Dave Bernstein, Alli Brooks, & Rachel Chalhoub

One last thing...

MICappella from Singapore : Mark Spencer (sound), Diana Tan (manager), Calin Wong, Eugene Yip, Goh Junyi, Peter Huang, Lee Ein Ein, & YK Teng

Swingle Singers from England : Hugh Walker (sound), Clare Wheeler, Jo Goldsmith-Eteson, Sara Brimer, Oli Griffiths, CJ, Kevin Fox, & Ed Randell

...sang amazing sets for us to enjoy on Saturday night. The Swingles got standing ovations in the middle of their don’t see that very often but it was well-deserved. We’re looking forward to hearing the collaboration recording we recorded with them and U of Denver’s MIX at Liquid 5th! When we have it, we’ll send it out to you too!