Last month we appeared on the The Drew Marshall (Radio) Show.  Drew's show is billed as Canada's Most Listened To Spiritual Talk Show.  If the word "spiritual" scares you, don't be alarmed.  Drew is very open-minded and likes learning about everyone's views (including atheists) and has had all sorts of characters from Don Cherry to Sinead O'Connor on the show to discuss their thoughts.

He didn't really ask Eh440 about our spiritual views, but did as some tough questions such as;

  • Who's the quiet one?
  • Does anyone get stage fright?
  • What's the meaning of the name Eh440?
  • Is anyone dating anyone else in the group?
  • Is Mike a picky bachelor?
  • Does Eh440 fight?

So have a listen to the interview and get to know your acappella friends a little better!

Here is the 18-minute interview:

If you just want to hear a section at a time (2-3 minutes each) here's the topic breakdown (just click on each title):

Part 1: Drew's intro, DD cup, band member introductions

Part 2: How do people know Eh440?, Coolest thing for Eh440 so far?, Dragon's Den deal

Part 3: Janet, Stacey, & Tonya Harding, Who's the quiet one?, Who's the glue in the group?

Part 4: What's the coolest TV/radio gig?, Do you get stage fright?, The history of Eh440

Part 5: Beatbox solo, Cleveland rocks, The story behind Lonely Bones

Part 6: Unpredictable, Drew thinks Eh440 does not suck :) , Meaning of the name Eh440

Part 7: Is anyone dating anyone else in Eh440?, Is Mike a picky bachelor?, Sha-Na-Na & Take 6

Part 8: Does Eh440 fight?, authenticity, the honeymoon phase

Hope you enjoy it!